Rough Fluorite

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Fluorite is an Air element stone and an Aquarius birthstone. It resonates with all chakras, but each specific colour has its own focus. Green and Pink - Heart Chakra, Purple - Crown chakra, Blue - Throat and third eye, Yellow - Solar plexus.

It is a stone for balance and clarity. It is deeply calming for the nervous system and is said to release tension headaches and help with brain fog. It is wonderful for highly sensitive people who are easily influenced by others and their environment. It is an effective stone for transmuting EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) that technology, phones and wifi emits. Its soft, cleansing energy helps communal spaces feel quieter. It is a perfect stone for students or anyone working in busy places for long periods of time.

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This is a Unique Crystal born of Nature.
The photos displayed were taken of the Crystal you will receive.

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