About Two Feathers

The Two Feathers story began fourteen years ago, visiting the Native American South West of the United States.

Struck in awe by the magnitude of the Grand Canyon, enchanted by the Arizona skyline, driving never ending dirt roads..a vision began to unfold.

We embarked on a journey into the creative worlds of Native American jewellery and the traditional songs and instruments, Native Art of the Dineh Navajo, the Zuni and the Lakota people.

Our passion is to trade Authentic Native American jewellery and Art,travelling on a regular basis, or when life lets us, to the Navajo, Zuni, Hopi and Santa Domingo, Acoma, reservations of the South West.

We have visited the Lakota people of the Black hills, Dakota, and the Cree and Blackfoot First Nation tribes of Canada down to the deep depths of the Amazon with the Shipibo,

Throughout this time, our love and appreciation for the Crystal kingdom has also been a central theme in our creative vision, where it all started in this lifetime we're not entirely sure!

The crystal Worlds incredulous beauty, each piece’s strength and vulnerability, the astounding shades of colours and light it may process, the shapes, textures and originality of each individual majestic piece will surely keep on astounding our inner and outer senses.


Peter and Sara xxx