Ethics & Resources

Native American Collection

All of our items are sourced directly from the Native American (First Nation) tribes of the US and Canada.

Stone work, silver-smithing, beading, carving, and weaving all became ways of creating the adornments. Gemstones, 925 silver, and refined jewels all became a part of Native Indian jewellery, and each tribe has their own unique trademarks that identified their art.

Established in 2006, we have seen many visitors looking for unique, one-off Native American (First Nation) collectibles.

Our intention is to create a sacred space, to house beautiful articles, where everyone can visit and learn about the original stewards of the land.

We wanted to create a place where spiritual interests can be nurtured and grown through the crystals, herbs and other allies that we offer.

Crystal Collection

It is our intention to offer an extensive range of ethically sourced crystals, all cleansed with sage and prayer in our store.

Over the last fourteen years, we have been fortunate to have built up close connections with a number of trade contacts, colleagues and friends who journey to the mines and countries of Africa, South America, throughout the world, to source the finest crystals for our store.