Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy is a gentle holistic system of healing, that has its foundations in the philosophy of the Chakra systems and their influence on the flow of energy in and around the body.

Crystal Therapy session uses the ancient healing art of the laying of Crystals on and around the body. It can assist and support relaxation and stress management. Crystal energy is used to help balance the Chakra system and help the flow of energy in the aura and through the body.

It can be beneficial for exploring with the client any areas where they may feel blocked or stuck in their emotional,mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

During a session the client has crystals placed on and around the body. Sound bowls can also be used on the chakra points to assist the vibrational healing.

This ancient healing art has used Crystals as healing tools for thousands of years, and it can support the client to bring harmony and balance on all levels back into their lives.

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