Native American Astrology

Within this free astrology section you can discover what is in store for you, over the next year, from the very interesting Native American perspective.

For thousands of years man has observed the heavens and hence both astrology and astronomy have become significant throughout history. One of the main purposes for man’s study of the cosmos must be the oracle it brings to us. In the past astrology was taken seriously all over the world. Vedic astrology, or Indian astrology, is still today considered important, by many Hindus, when making decision in life. Today Mayan astrology is popular across the globe possibly in light of the Mayan prophesies and the approach of 2012.

However for many, in the west, astrology signs are popular more as a fun pass time. Many of us, whether we admit it or not, will check out our daily horoscope in a magazine or newspaper.

Numerous experienced astrologers today, from both east and west, have studied the relationship between the planets and man, in depth, and many would agree that there is an important relationship between us and the cosmos.

Some more contemporary astrologer’s may not agree that the planets have an influence on us but instead they appreciate that what is happening out in the cosmos mirrors what is happening with in us.

So when the sun passes through, say for example, Cancer or Capricorn, in the heavens, that very same type of energy is also being triggered down here on earth. It may be triggered within us but equally as likely within animals, trees, places and everything on this planet.

A telling aspect of astrology, which may affect our judgment on whether astrology is important to man, is the fact that it has been studied throughout time and in the majority of cultures.

For Native Americans astrology has been, and still is to some degree, an integral part of their culture and tradition. In the following weeks we will look at how the Native American tradition and life style has seeked the cosmos’s council in the past and still now in the 21st century. We will also look at Native American astrology in relation to western star signs and horoscopes.

The Medicine Wheel And Astrology

It could be said that Native American traditions view humanity only in context to the natural world around it. This view is unlike the contemporary western view, which to some degree takes a more egocentric view, where man is of prime importance and the natural world is his possession. Native American Astrology also places a lot of importance on nature and being in harmony with it. The seasons are very important but animals are equally significant.

The year is split into four important sections, the clans. Each clan is then further divided into three. When put together the medicine wheel is formed. This wheel is a circle, another important symbol in Native American philosophy. The symbol of a circle can be seen to represent unity or convergence rather that separation or isolation. The circle or hoop is split into 12 sections, not unlike that of the western astrological zodiac.

Many of us our aware of the zodiac sign we are born under and come to know ourselves, for example, as either an Aries or Virgo. In Native American Astrology Animal Totems are used instead of an astrological sign.

To find out more about your personal animal totem click on the link below that corresponds to the time of year you were born.

Red Hawk & Aries

Beaver & Taurus

Deer & Gemini

Woodpecker & Cancer

Salmon & Leo

Brown Bear & Virgo

Raven & Libra

Snake & Scorpio

Owl & Sagittarius

Snow Goose & Capricorn

Otter & Aquarius

Wolf & Pisces

Red Hawk And Aries

People born at this time have a strong part of them that is passionate and full of energy. Often these individuals will be driven to start new journeys or projects with enthusiasm and a clear sense of direction. They may possess a warrior spirit and do not fear the unknown. They have a clear understanding of what they want but sometimes find it hard to be patient. In Western astrology these people are ruled by the planet Mars, the planet that governs our drive, motivation and desire. Mars energy can be compared to the spirit of the Red Hawk, represented in the Native American Red Hawk totem. Characteristics of the Red Hawk show some resemblances to the symbolism of Mars. For example the hawk who takes flight whenever his desires motivate him, will free himself of the restrictions that get in the way, by taking flight. His flight will free him from the rugged earthly terrain on the ground below him. The same could be said of individuals who are born at this time. The focused Hawk or Aries individual, through their passion and desire, can quickly and clearly get to where they want to be. The hawk, which flies so high, is free and independent and as a result has an advantage over his prey. Likewise individuals born at this time, governed by the planet Mars, can see so clearly what they want and be so driven by their own passion that they often seem unaware of obstacles or pitfalls that can get in the way. The Red Hawk can be found in the east on the medicine wheel directly opposite the Raven,a creature who can teach the Red Hawk so much.

Beaver And Taurus

People born at have a strong practical element to their nature, making them steadfast and reliable. They like the tried and tested and prefer to engage in what has already been established, rather than initiating new projects. In western astrology these people are ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of love. Love for people born at this time can often be very physical and sensual. In Native American tradition the Beaver totem, found in the east on the medicine wheel, reflects this. The beaver spends much of its time working to create security by building, in the same way that his ancestors have done so many times before him. The Beaver creates happiness and security by building his dam, a structure that helps protect him against the rough world outside. In Western astrology the Taurus individual is happiest if he can see all his worldly possessions around him, protecting him from a dangerous world. The Taurus individual may need to feel, somewhere underneath, that the possessions he has worked so hard to get, really will protect him from misery, they really will bring him true happiness in some way. If you are born at this time a part of you may relate to the need to build a world around you that is so secure, a world that is crisis free. The Beaver individual can learn much from its natural partner, the snake, found in the west on the medicine wheel

Deer And Gemini

People born at this time have the capacity to be alert and inquisitive. These individuals tend to be on the go and need lots of stimulation. Mercury is an important planet for these folk and it often bestows them with a sharp mentality. In the west people born at this time come under the zodiac sign of Gemini. In Native American astrology this energy is reflected in the Deer totem, which can be found in the east on the medicine wheel. If we visualize the deer many would agree that the swiftness and sharp senses they possess give them some advantages over other species including man. Their ability to move swiftly and softly through their surroundings enables them to assess the surroundings faster than any predator. Likewise the Gemini individual will often be mentally one step ahead other folk, before they have even had a chance to notice. The only pitfall for these individuals is their need to be on the go all the time, there reluctance to stay in one place for too long. This need for constant movement sometimes makes it hard for these people to ground themselves in long term projects. The Deer individual can learn much from the Elk energy, found directly opposite, in the west, on the medicine wheel.

Woodpecker And Cancer

People born at this time have a sensitive and protective streak to their nature. Their roots can be of prime importance in their lives. These individuals will understand the meaning of nurturing. They can turn their nurturing skills to support anything they love, whether it is their garden or their own child. For these individuals however, their caring nature can be both a virtue and a vice. On the one hand their ability to cherish and cultivate what they love give them the ability to support others and help them blossom; In Native American tradition the woodpecker, who lies in the south on the medicine wheel, is renowned for its ability to create the perfect nest for its offspring. On the other hand these individuals can find it hard to let go and in worse case scenarios they may smother that which is so dear to them. Again like the woodpecker that is compelled to peck away and may find it hard to stop. The woodpecker individual can gain great insights from the snow goose who lies directly opposite, in the north, on the medicine wheel.

Salmon And Leo

People born at this time have a great strength. The strength that they possess comes from a fiery passion that could be said to trigger immense willpower. The demonstrative Leo energy, we know of in western astrology, is available to people born at this time. In Native American tradition it is believed that individuals born during this phase possess characteristics similar to the salmon, a creature that, at least once in their life, intuitively engages in a creative journey for the purpose of reproduction. This journey requires sheer determination, as often the salmon will risk its life to get where it needs to be. Like Leo folk who can possess have such a fiery focus, Salmon individuals may fervently know what they want and won’t stop till they get it. The Salmon energy can be found in the south, a time when the sun shines brightly and our soul needs to engage in the creative process in order to truly experience life. The Otter energy, found directly opposite the salmon in the north, reflects the fiery passion of the salmon qualities by revealing the strengths of logic and detachment. When the salmon energy is close to burning out it is the Otter qualities that can impasse important wisdom to the salmon individual

Brown Bear And Virgo

People born at this time are practical and dutiful. They enjoy routine and are best when serving others. Although these individuals are followers rather than leaders, they are renowned for their intellect and have a inquisitiveness that can get them into trouble. In Native American tradition people born at this time are represented by the brown bear which can be found in the south on the medicine wheel. The brown bear, like its inquisitive Virgo human counterpart, is also intelligent and very curious, considered by some as nosiness. The bear is an introverted cautious animal. We can also see this introversion in the Virgo character as often these individuals possess strong analytical abilities. In Native American tradition the bear is seen to possess practicality but practicality that often involves the use of imaginative methods to complete a task. Likewise people born at this time can also possess these qualities. Bear people possess much strength but can develop their overall character by learning to be more comfortable around others and resisting isolation. These more sociable qualities can be found in the cougar totem. The Bear individual can gain much insight from the Cougar placed directly opposite the bear on the medicine wheel, in the north.

Raven And Libra

People born at this time have strong peacekeeping skills. They are most at home when there is harmony around them and can feel quite unsettled with conflict. In western astrology individuals born at this time fall within the sign of Libra. In Native American astrology these individuals are represented by the Raven, found in the west on the medicine wheel. The Raven individual enjoys the company of others and always strives for balance and harmony. In Native American tradition there are numerous legends about the Raven who initially starts its life as a white bird but some sacrifice or wrongdoing forces the Raven to become black. These myths emphasis the duality, represented through the colours black and white, of human nature. The colour change depicted in these legends may hint at the contrast between our shadow side and our true spiritual nature. Like the hawk and the woodpecker Raven individuals are leaders. For the Raven personality however it must be their ability to bring balance and harmony, to act as a diplomat, that provides them with the skills to make good leaders. For the Raven individual who cannot find harmony in life it can be sole destroying. For those Ravens who are experiencing ongoing unresolved conflict it could be a case of being too selfless, through a need to please others. It is the Hawk, who resides in the east on the medicine wheel, that can teach the Raven so much about love of thyself.

Snake And Scorpio

People born at this time are emotionally deep but are inclined to keep their feelings to themselves. The secretive nature of these individuals, known as Scorpio’s in the west, has given them some bad press over the years. Often the mysterious qualities these folk carry create fear and distrust in others but they create what is perceived to be a dark side in these people. These individuals can experience emotional extremes, be taken to hell and back, and come out the other side transformed. Maybe It is this ability to rejuvenate that is misinterpreted by some as emotional detachment In native American astrology the Snake totem, found in the west on the medicine wheel, represent the spirit of people born around this time. If we image a snake moving through wild grass it is possible to feel its secretive silence. If we watch it shed its skin we can see it rejuvenate. We might fear snake but may not be aware of its deep emotions. The snake person has so much power through their enigmatic energy and ability to transform. Their challenge however is to not attract the crisis that asks for perpetual change but instead to strive for some form of stability. It is the Beaver energy, found in the east on the medicine wheel that will teach the Snake personality so much about the nature and benefits of stability and structure.

Owl And Sagittarius

People born at this time tend to be philosophical with a broad minded view towards life. For this reason they can be natural teachers. In the west these people fall under the astrology sign of Sagittarius. The Sagittarius individual is also renowned for its wisdom. The Owl totem, in Native American astrology, found in the west on the medicine wheel, represents people born at this time. In this creature of the night we find much wisdom. The owl has an ability to see much even in the dark which could be viewed as symbolic of an ability to understand much without relying on external sources suggesting strong inner intuition and perception. In the west the Sagittarius individual is known as being outgoing and jovial, an archetypal Santa Clause. The owl does not portray such an outgoing representation of this type of character, more a shrewder one. However if you bring the attributes of the west and native American together , the jolliness and the shrewdness we can understand a lot about what creates a wise individual. The owl individual however also have lessons to learn in this life, for these individuals can, in their broadmindedness, fail to attend to important details and miss the point completely. For this reason they can learn much from the deer totem found in the east on the medicine wheel.

Snow Goose And Capricorn

People born at this time, under the constellation of Capricorn, possess the ability to be practical and organized. These individuals have the potential to hold authority in what they choose to engage in. They will often find themselves in the position of leading a project or organization and if they do they may well approach it in a meticulous manner. In Native American tradition the snow goose totem, found in the north on the medicine wheel, is used to represent the energy of these folk. The snow goose is quite a unique bird that chooses to follow the snow rather than the sun. Likewise individuals who are born at this time appreciate the purity of beginnings, a purity that may be far too limiting and lifeless for others. However the opportunities that come with such beginnings are a blank canvas, a huge potential for those who possess practical leadership qualities. The Snow Goose is also a creature that is methodical. The Snow Goose, when migrating, may fly thousands of miles each year in a V shape. At the head of the formation is the female leader. The leader will be the strongest, she help to break up the wind for those who fly immediately behind her but slightly to the side. Her position is intentional as she does not obstruct the geese’s vision behind her, but takes the main burden of any flight resistance that comes from the wind. The Geese directly behind her are the next strongest creatures in the gaggle. The geese that shadow take the burden for the geese that follow them and so on. This process could be seen to show the methodical approach as well as value of working methodically within an organization these individuals born at this time possess. Snow Geese also adhere to a pecking order, within the gaggle, showing an appreciation of authority. The pecking order can be seen to symbolize the authoritarian Capricorn traits, as individuals born at this time can deeply value authority as well as possess it. The snow goose or Capricorn individual can possess practical meticulous authority, but in the process of attending to matters that they choose to engage in through having such qualities, they can become out of touch with their emotions. For this reason the Snow Goose individual can grow from following the wisdoms of the Flicker individual found in the south on the medicine wheel.

Otter And Aquarius

People born under the constellation of Aquarius, can be logical, independent and to some degree eccentric. They are also very sociable but are neither followers nor leaders as they do not attach themselves to much, preferring the freedom that detachment offers. In Native American tradition this independent friendly energy is represented through the otter totem, found in the north on the medicine wheel. As a creature the otter is renowned for its playful nature. The otter will raise its young in a lively home life that incorporates a good balance of work and play. The interpretation of western astrology and Native American astrology differ slightly. In Native American tradition the otter individual forms strong attachments just like their animal counterpart who will mourn the loss of one of their young or partner. In both Western and north American tradition these individuals are considered unconventional as the otter does not follow the normal pattern of its family the weasel. For many this alternative look on life is refreshing but it can also have its limits. Some individuals born at this time may find it hard to belong to society and for this reason the pride and demonstrative nature of the Salmon personality, found in the south on the medicine wheel, can teach the Otter much.

Wolf And Pisces

People born under the constellation of Pisces can possess a high degree sensitivity and intuition. They can be so sensitive to the people or environment that they immerse themselves in that they can lose themselves to others. Native American tradition sees these individuals as possessing qualities similar to the Wolf. The Wolf has traditionally earned the reputation as a hunter. However the wolf in its natural environment is also a very sensitive creature who depends deeply on its relationship to a permanent mate. Like their animal counterpart, individuals born at this time can be devastated if a long term relationship ends. Wolf people, found in the north on the medicine wheel, can learn so much from the bear totem found directly opposite, in the south. Although these individuals may experience some suffering through losing themselves to others, they can thrive through discovering their spiritual self. Like their animal totem the wolf, they can be good hunters. However these individuals have a hunger not for food but more for a meaning to life and therefore can be hunters of philosophy, religion or spirituality