Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition going back thousands of years . It is rooted in our connection with ourselves, nature and our ancestors. It helps us to work within community to heal each other and be more in harmony with the land. Intention, prayer, ritual and offerings are used to strengthen this connection.

Shamanic practitioners act as a bridge between the physical visible world and the spiritual material realm, moving between states of consciousness to gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual root of illness and to bring back power and knowledge on behalf of the client.

Shamanic healings usually combine various techniques.

Spirit Extraction

Intrusions, or negative energy that doesn’t belong in the body can cause imbalances and dis-ease and this can greatly impact our well being. These intrusions can build up in our daily lives from situations we feel trapped in, arguments, stress and constant criticism which then creates low self worth and feelings of being stuck and unable to move forward.

This powerful technique can release these energies and bring balance back to the client.

Power Retrieval

Once an intrusion has been removed a clients own personal power can also be retrieved bringing with it vitality and protection.

Soul Retrieval

When a person goes through a traumatic or shocking experience part of their soul/essence can fragment and leave the body. Some of the time this can happen in childhood or indeed in the womb. This can cause anxiety, lack of direction or motivation, addiction and feelings of not feeling whole.

This powerful healing technique can have profound effects if the parts are willing to come back and if the client is fully committed to their healing. Once fully integrated a person can feel more connected to their own true authentic self.

Ancestral Healing

We can often be repeating a pattern that has been playing out for centuries through our ancestors and still lives on within us. By going back to the core wound, these patterns and the ancestral grief attached to them can be released and healing can occur for the ancestors , the client and future generations.


When a person dies through shocking and traumatic circumstances such as murder, suicide or sudden death they may get trapped in the middle world and unable to move on fully. Any of the associated feelings of the departed soul such as confusion, anger and feelings of being lost can be picked up by others who remain. With psychopomp healing we help to guide their soul on to the light. By helping the dead to heal it can greatly benefit the living.