Native Spirit Song Book Vol. 1

Native Spirit Song Book Vol. 1

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This song book includes a collection of twenty Native American songs from various tribal backgrounds, plus "Amazing Grace". Odell has collected these Native songs over a few years time and put them together in this first volume.

This book is easy to use and because of the various note combinations it is a great tool to vary one's playing style. To learn the timing of the songs, the book includes a CD that plays short sections of all the songs in the three main keys of "A", "G" and "F#". The songs are written in both music notation and finger tablature, so if one does not read music just follow the fingering chart.

  • Zuni Sunrise Song
  • Wioste Olowan Tokiya
  • Sioux Spirit Dance
  • Forest Song
  • Peace Pact Song
  • Winnebago Love Song
  • Amazing Grace
  • Song of the World
  • Kiowa Love Song
  • Cheyenne Long Song
  • Lakota Love Song
  • Lullaby (Passamaquoddy)
  • Creek Lullaby
  • Zuni Sunset Song
  • Wind in the Pines
  • Pima Flute Song
  • Inkpata
  • Omaha Love Song
  • Papago Crop Sowing
  • Flute Song (Ojibway)
  • Deer Hunter Song

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